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One Halloween show you CAN'T miss.

One Halloween show you CAN'T miss.

Prepare yourself for a death metal show of magnificent proportions. On 28 October 2017 at the Lexington in DTLA, Ensepulcher, Ruin, Heinous, Skulls, Crematory Stench, and Calcemia will each deliver soul-crushing performances of riff-filled intensity. Ensepulcher is a newer project reminiscent of HM-2 Swedish death metal bands, is based out of Arizona, and features Johnny Valles (Fiend, Skeletal Remains) on drums. Next up, Ruin delivers a slab of atmospheric and doomy death metal with plenty of straightforward riffing to go around. Afterwards, Heinous is a goregrind band from Arizona which is highly reminiscent of the early Carcass records, especially The Reek of Putrefaction. Coming up after Heinous is Skulls, a Santa Monica-based death/doom band featuring members of doom metal band Erode, black metal band Ancestral Awakening, and death metal band Calcemia. The pummeling tone reminds listeners of Realm of Chaos-era Bolt Thrower, Abhorrence, and Rippikoulu. Then we have Crematory Stench, a fairly young trio residing in Costa Mesa, which delivers sludgy death metal instrumentation akin to Autopsy with a fine addition of Martin van Drunen/John Tardy vocals to balance everything out. Last but certainly not least, West LA death metal band Calcemia adds an interesting element to this otherwise “traditional” collection of bands. They are heavily inspired by bands like Demilich, Morbid Angel, and Voivod, plus they include jazz elements and mind-bending time signatures. This is bound to be a show that encapsulates the true raw nature of the LA death metal underground, so don't miss it for the world!


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