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News: GRAVESLAVE new album 'Sick/Nasty' out now!

Brutality at it's finest and most filthy!

Twin Cities deathmetal newcomers GRAVESLAVE get ‘Sick/Nasty. ’

The brand new album Sick/Nasty from Minnesota's GRAVESLAVE is available now. The must-hear offering of pure sonic violence was mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson of CRYPTOPSY. Donaldson also mixed and mastered the previously soft-released single "Strange Days" which you can listen to and watch here:

Sick/Nasty details a gruesome account of a series of murders straight from the eyes of the killer. The six-song shredder adds unique song structure and psychedelic elements to GRAVESLAVE's already extreme and twisted palette. Get your copy of Sick/Nasty now at:

NO CLEAN SINGING describes the new album...“In a nutshell, this is an utterly wild, technically pyrotechnic, stunningly brutal fireworks display. It combines thuggish sk

ull-cleaving with eye-popping explosiveness, slow, sinuous sensuality and gruesome morbidity, and solos that will make you drool.”

For another preview of Sick/Nasty check out the official music video for the track “Slit Throat and Garrote”: (Warning this video is NOT for the faint of heart or stomach)

Stay tuned for more videos and visuals from GRAVESLAVE!! For promotional review copies of Sick/Nasty and interviews with members of the band, contact with all press related inquiries. Sick/Nasty official track-list: 01. Partially Reassembled, in Utter Disgust

02. Human Fluids (ooze)

03. Slit Throats and Garrote

04. Methods of Murder

05. Flesh Elegy

06. Wallow in Filth


Sick/Nasty - LP, June 2017

Strange Days - Single, April 2016

Corpseborne - EP, August 2015


Roman Johnson (Guitarist)

Ian Zachary (Guitarist)

Josh Burke (Bassist)

Ben Fagerness (Drums)

Doombringer (Vocals)


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